Friday, 17 August 2012

Wayne's World

This perfectly sums up my feeling about the spectacularly bad Olympic closing event (thanks Paul!) From the Daily Mash

WAYNE Hayes, a middle-aged sales executive from Carlisle, has expressed regrets about the Olympics closing ceremony beamed directly from his brain. Hayes, who organisers deemed to be the most typical man in Britain, curated the ceremony via special electrodes attached to his head which fed details of everything he likes into a giant computer. This information was then transmitted into the Olympic Park in the form of incredibly lifelike holograms. Hayes said: “I thought that everyone loves a bit of Annie Lennox and Oasis to get themselves in the party mood but judging by the four hundred thousand death threats on my Twitter feed this morning, apparently not. All I wanted was to recreate the brilliant spectacle of an early 1990s Brit Awards show and I tried to do that by free associating acts with the first words that came into my head, hence Fatboy Slim/octopus, and Annie Lennox/Viking boat.” Many of the performances last night were clipped versions of well known songs, mainly because Hayes could not remember all of the words, and the only modern acts were the ones he last heard blasting out of his daughter’s bedroom. Hayes’ wife has asked him to explain why he is so obsessed with Jessie J, a constant feature of the concert who remained in the corner of the viewers’ screen like somebody signing the program for the deaf had decided to abandon waving their hands about and start shouting along instead. Other baffling performances included Kaiser Chiefs singing The Who, because Hayes remembered liking the group but couldn’t remember how any of their songs went, and a recreation of an Only Fools & Horse scene because he had their DVD on in the background at the time. Hayes said: “This is just what music concerts look like in my mind, although admittedly the last one I actually went to was Travis at the Birmingham NEC in 1999. Oh, why didn’t I have Travis on instead of the Spice Girls? That’s a shame.”

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Targa Bush

Sometimes a Targa can be quite useful

Monday, 13 August 2012

Hammer Synth

I bought the the complete Hammer House of Horror first series on DVD today. The first episode I watched was about a film music composer who falls in love with a real live witch. The cool thing is that he has a studio set up at home with a giant Roland system 700 modular synth in it. Heaven

Sunday, 12 August 2012


Heres a vid I just shot of the Buchla. I used a 1970s Phillips V100 video cam, so its meant to be all wobbly and lo-fi - OK? I am in love with the light traces this thing produces. The Buchla system has changed again - this time I replaced the little 251e sequencer with the larger 250e, which is much more user friendly having lots of knobs on it. This patch is totally self playing including the drum sounds. There is a P/R module clocking everything, with the 250e being strobed by it, selecting the stages at random. Its a very deep module and I'm having fun diving in