Friday, 4 November 2011


I have a lot of reverb units - I love them! They fascinate me because they take your sound and they put it into a 3D space, and they all do it in their own unique way. They have evolved so much over the years, starting off with analog springs and metal plates, through early and very clever digital algorithmic processors and onwards through the growing bit depths. My favourites are the EMT 140 stereo plate, the Lexicon 224, Yamaha Rev1 and the Telefunken Echomixer mono spring thing. I bought a Roland R880 years ago really cheap which was their attempt (in 1988) at a supa-mega-reverb and it is an extremely underrated unit actually. So I took it home so I could experiment putting a Buchla through it. I had a hunch that they would sound good together! I spent a few hours re-aquainting myself with its shocking operating system (which was like that scene in Contact where they build the spaceship based on blueprints deciphered from an alien language downloaded from outer space)

Anyway - here is a live tweak of the Buchla and R880 together

Buchy 880 mix by zackdagoba


I decided I needed an adaptor panel for the Buchla because its nice to be able to convert between all the different types of audio connector that I seem to suddenly need (banana, minijack , phono, 1/4 inch jack), and between mono and stereo jacks. Also I'm using a spring reverb and other FX units in patches and it's cool to have those connections on a panel in the system too. So I used one of the Buchla blank panels as a basis for some handiwork, with connector parts and a Pillar Drill from Maplin. Heres a pictorial record of what I did

Tango And Synths

I was watching this film last night called Tango and Cash. It is a really bad film and god knows why I didn't turn over channels but actually I was glad I didn't because there is an amazing scene where Tango's sister starts playing Simmons drums - EXACTLY LIKE I DO IN THE MATHS!

Theres also a scene where Cash goes to a crazy music studio to get some MacGuffin (on cassette), and theres a VCS3 right there on the sideboard! Just like in my studio!

Word of the Week #25

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Get well soon!

This is a "GET WELL SOON" to John Foxx from the Maths!

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Maths Tour Snaps 2011

What better way to banish the post-tour blues than to go through all the photos I took... Happy days indeed!

Theres No One Driving

We were lucky enough to have Gazelle Twin supporting us at the first XOYO gig last week, and Elizabeth also did a beautiful remix for us which is on the new Maths album The Shape of Things. A very rubbish video I took is below

She has just done a really cool thing over on The Quietus, its a fascinating insight into her inspirations check it out here. One thing I liked was this rather spooky robot-bus, which actually exists. Its typical isn't it? You wait years for something to happen then two come along at once. I put a new soundtrack on it (from a cool 1980s library album called New Technology V3) which I just downloaded from Dusty Shelf

Some Buchla Percussions