Saturday, 26 February 2011

Independent Electrics

Jordan and Clare from Electric Independence came to the studio yesterday, to interview me and John Foxx. What nice people! They make a great series on electronic musicians and their studios. Check them out here. Can't wait to see us in action!

Look at this amazing episode about Mort:

UPDATE: So here is the finished film. Apart from the fact that the presenter describes my studio and all my equipment as belonging to John Foxx (Jordan, dude, - what happened there?), its pretty cool

Slow Falling Water

Here is a video I took last year when I went to america. Me and Hugo drove for 5 days straight across the middle, see this post for more. However we did make one detour on our trip to see this amazing Frank Lloyd Wright house near Pittsburg. The music is Slow Water by Eno

Glass Circles

Friday, 25 February 2011

The Wall

Me and Alfie finished soundproofing the wall in the control room just in time for our TV shoot today. You can see the layers - first 3 plasterboards (with much mastic) and a wooden frame, then RW45 (encapsulated) stuck on spikes, then a fabric jigsaw puzzle. Finally the synths started to return, just as people started arriving - very rock and roll