Saturday, 17 April 2010

Sequential Sequence

I plugged in all the new looms today and set up a simple sequence on the Sequential Circuits T8 polysynth as an audio test using the built-in sequencer. It's pretty advanced for 1984 because it records all the knob movements, velocity, aftertouch, everything. I had it playing continuously for about 2 hours and after the first hour or so it started to grow on me. I put it through the Studer desk with some Vesta digidelay and Telefunken spring reverb for good measure

Friday, 16 April 2010

The Wires

The past few days have been all about wires, jack plugs, edacs, caps, soldering, wires, etc, etc. My fingers hurt. Big Al has been on edac duty, JeanGa is recapping the Soundcraft and I've been making the tea [ok I did wire up 48 plugs, which took 15 hours]. Here's a picture I took of Al in between bantams

Monday, 12 April 2010

CS80 Sketch


Miss Peel

Hannah Peel has been in the studio this week recording an EP of her lovely songs with Mikey in the other room. We moved the Virtua upstairs and brought the new [old] Soundcraft series 2 analog desk down, and this was it's debut session. I think Mike has finally warmed to the joys of analog consoles. Hanna's stuff is really good, and one of her unique ideas is making little music box songs by manually punching holes in a music-box-paper-reader-roll thing. She also had a go on the CS80 in my room for a wonky bit in one of her songs

Here she is wearing Geoff Dolman's lab specs and tweaking the Big Moog

Big Al's Neve DSP-1

Alan found some pictures he took of the Neve DSP-1 console he helped build in the early 80s. The DSP1 was the first ever digital mixer, there's more about it in this post. If you look at the picture of the monitor you can see a bit how the software side of the console worked; you could define each channel's functions, and the functions of the hardware pots and buttons with total abandon, effectively creating a giant digital FX processor. Amazing!

I could previously find very few pictures of the Neve DSP on the googlenet. I scanned these myself just now from Big Al's real non-digital 30 year old photographs