Saturday, 20 February 2010


I've been lying roung the house the last few days cos I've got flu, hence messing about so much on the Doepfer. Here's another sketch, this time layering up 3 passes of sound, but unedited

Old Computers

Here is a timeline of Digital Equipment Corporation [DEC] with some great pictures of their back-catalog. That last picture shows one of their VT100 video terminals, which is the same one used by NED. I bought one of those years ago on ebay for next to nothing just in case I ever pick up a Synclavier ii, or maybe if I figure out a way of running it with my PSMT

Below is a stock picture of the PSMT and a track I made on one, from my album Twenty Systems

Friday, 19 February 2010

Doepfer Video

Shot a self-sequencing patch on the Doepfer:

Focusrite For Sale

Here is a Focusrite Studio Console for sale, as referred to in in this previous post. POA though, so not a lot of useful info. Imagine how much power this thing would use up each day. And you would keep yourself fit just walking round eq-ing things. There's a gallery here

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Relocation Required

I guess Michael Cretu might be in the market for a new house / studio at the moment. He's the person responsible for Enigma, and has sold at least 100M records. He spent 9 years building an enormous house [more like a private village] in Ibiza, which contained one of the best electronic music studios ever. Here's a link to his previous studio, the one before the one that just got demolished, pictured below

He spent $26M dollars on it. Unfortunately he didn't get planning permission, and so after a long battle the bulldozers came in last summer and razed the whole lot. Story here



Relocation Opportunity 2

Alternatively, how about moving in to Vince Clarke's house / studio in Surrey. It's on the market for £2M. I first saw this on Matrixsynth. Here's the brochure


Relocation Opportunity

I was having lunch with Al yesterday and we were flicking through the papers when we saw that Abbey Road Studio is up for sale.....

I visited the studio when I was mastering my Memetunes album a few years ago. They very kindly showed me round Studio Two where the Beatles had their notorious lock-ins. The very same Hammond organ and piano were in that room, which naturally I had a plink on

The Synth Wranglers

Wrangler is an ongoing project I am doing with Phil Winter. The idea is that we work on one synth at a time per track. We do use some effects and mixing desks but only vintage ones of course! Here's our new myspace page. The picture above is of the Moog and Formant modular synths with Phil's crazy new laser-pen firing at it. The following track is called Glitching on Ice [edit] and was done entirely on the Formant. The effects used were an Eventide H3000, EMT 140 plate reverb, MuTron phaser and an Ibanez AD80 analog delay

Sequencer Sequence

Here is a short video of a big patch on the modulars me and Al set up. The idea was to try and use as many analog sequencers as possible, but we only managed 4 in the end. Once set off everything plays together. So there's a melodic line on the Moog 3C coming from the Dotcom Q960 clone, which is being transposed occasionally by a Dotcom Q119 sequencer. We sent trigger pulses from the Q963 trigger buss out to an envelope for the bass drum, others for the clap and hh [from the amazing Formant cymbal / hi-hat module]. A drone was set up on the Roland 100M and also an 8 step drone sequence using the 100M sequencer triggered from the Q960. The ARP 2500 was used for a percussive, slightly melodic 10 step sequence, again locked to the main clock. The whole lot went through the Studer 902 console and some delay and phaser pedals and Telefunken spring reverb

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Fairlight CVI

There's a Fairlight CVI for sale on the bay today. No, not a Fairlight CMI, a CVI . That stands for computer VIDEO instrument. They developed it in the early 80s and it was supposed to do for video what the sampler did for music. It looks supremely 1980s. The model for sale is the slimmed down single channel version....

It's in Arizona, starting bid $1400 [£900] and has been on before with no bids. Auction text: Fairlight CVI "Compact Producer" NTSC video effects unit. 1980's rare device. Real time single channel composite video with digital graphics. Copy of manual included. Sold AS-IS. USA sale only! (video monitor not included) This is the last one I have for sale

Here's some clips showing its incredible eightiesness. The first one is funny because the video keeps playing up. All the music is done on the CMI, natch


Another tipoff from Gavin, I present the Scanimate, one of the first computer animation devices. I think 8 units were sold in the US in the late 70s, which were used mainly for logos and idents, and it was pretty much the only way of doing moving graphics on screen at that time. Check out these excerpts from a laserdisc called Music Image: Odyssey by Ron Hays which was a compilation of videos he made with a Scanimate system. The music is by 1] Lary Fast and 2] Frank Serafine

It was also used in the film Demon Seed, which is a 70s sci-fi / horror classic and you must watch it today if you haven't already seen it. Thanks